Shri Yasar Shah

Samajwadi Party

Father name Dr. Waqar Ahmad Shah
Date of birth 06/15/1977
Place of birth Bahraich
Gender Male
Religion Islam
Caste Shekh Sayyed
Marital status Married
Date of marriage 01/14/2005
Spouse name Mrs. Maria Ali
Children Boys : 1
Girls : 2
Industry(Factory Etc.)
Post Graduation
Special interests
Computer technology
Animal science
Reading books
Watch TV
Phone number 9838111786
Permanent address 1. Vill. and Post-Soharva, District- Bahraich 2. MLA Residence-2, Park Road, District - Lucknow.
Terms served as MLA 2
Positions held
2012 To 2013 Joint Committee on the Public Undertaking and Corporations
03/2017 To 02/09/2018 Second Time Elected