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How to Be Confident and Feel More Attractive!

So you want to build self confidence? You want to build self esteem? We all know self confidence is sexy. Confidence attracts the one and keeps the one. The problem is, we don’t always feel so good about ourselves. Either things aren’t going well with our partners or we’re alone and feeling undesirable. You want to feel desirable…you need to feel desirable. But where do you start?

For starters, whatever you do, DO NOT curl up in a ball, hide away from the world and do nothing. Although very tempting, I know….it’s probably not the best approach. In fact, you’re probably doing more harm than good.  Once we start feeling lousy it quickly and easily becomes a downward spiral to misery and depression. You don’t want that. It’s so important to do something about how you’re feeling NOW. If you feel good, you look good and… vice versa!

Here are some great tips that will make you feel more attractive, instantly!

1. Get some sun

Such a simple way to build self esteem, yet so many people skip this step. The good news is, you’re out of the house…the attraction meter already went up a notch. Not only is the sun proven to lift the mood, but you’ll get a nice tan. A tan makes your body look more toned and defined… instantly! You don’t have to lay out for hours, even 30 minutes will do the trick. Sun is quick and easy. Not to mention it’s available every day! Take advantage of it.

2. Buy a few new pieces to add to your wardrobe

Nothing builds self confidence like a nice new shirt or nice new pair of shoes. Whenever you have a new outfit, you want to flaunt it. You stand a little taller. You walk a little prouder.  You want the whole world to see you. And trust me, they will. (They’ll see your new demeanor.. that’s what you want). A new outfit puts a little extra pep in your step. You don’t have to spend a lot of money on a whole shopping spree… you just want something new that will add a little sparkle in your eye. It makes a difference!

3. Get a fresh new ‘do

Whether you’re a man or woman, a fresh new cut or hairstyle takes years off your life and works wonder on your self esteem. You feel lighter and fresher and not to mention, you smile more. You know you look better, so naturally…you feel better.

4. Get rid of stuff that conjures bad memories.

We tend to cling onto so many things that harbor BAD energy and we don’t even realize it. Anything that brings sad or bad memories should be disposed of immediately. This includes any reminders of ex loves -  pictures, jewelry, or anything else you still own. Bury it! Do you still wear something they gave you? Even if it’s the most expensive piece of jewelry you own, it’s no good. Get rid of it! That’s easily killing your self confidence and as a result, making you feel less attractive. The longer you stay attached to these items the longer it will take you to build self esteem.

5. Get rid of old numbers in your phone

Nothing feels more liberating! Do a mass delete of all those people that have made you feel bad about you. Particularly members of the opposite sex. They don’t deserve that type of power over your feelings. Delete them NOW. Delete all the people that just come and go as they please and people that you’re still hoping will call and never do (You know the ones). This is your chance to eliminate them from your life for good. Maybe they already deleted you from their phone. Who cares? The point is YOU have taken the step to cut them out of your life. As far as you’re concerned, you had the upperhand. You put an end to that relationship. You’re in control. And that’s what you want. You’re now empowered!

6. Hit the gym

Yet another great way to release endorphins …and another way to be around people. Not just any people, but people with an overdose of endorphins. You quickly feed off their positive energy and positive vibes. Even if you’re not super fit and in shape like the rest of them, it feels great knowing you’re getting into shape just like they are… and for a minute there, you’re almost convinced you could easily outrun them. Instant self confidence boost!

7. Go on a date… with yourself!

What have you always wanted to do? Go do it! Don’t wait around to have someone take you out. Buy a ticket to see a play or a movie and treat yourself. Go alone! Nothing feels more empowering than not having to rely on someone else to feel good. Treating yourself well and doing nice things for yourself is the first step to feeling absolutely irresistible. Make yourself more attractive to you ;)

Do you have any tips to build self esteembuild self confidence and overcome low self esteem? Leave a comment below!

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