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Why Being a Single Woman Is Overrated

Being away from the boyfriend a couple of days reminded me of my yesterdays… My ‘single’ days. And I had a rather enlightening moment. I realized how much I don’t miss being single. While there were some benefits that came with the lifestyle (like, more closet space) I certainly do not miss it. Sure I bragged about the lifestyle like every other single woman. Secretly we all want to be Carrie and Samantha. Having an endless supply of clothes, no responsibility and no one to answer to is fantastic after all, right? Somehow SATC glamorized the ‘single woman’ lifestyle.

But the truth of the matter is… there’s nothing really glamorous about being single. Secretly we’re dying inside. Secretly we crave love, affection and attention that none of our friends could ever provide. And the lifestyle gets… OLD. Not to mention it’s all a mask: The shoes, party dress, fake smiles.. the million pictures we post on facebook the next day of our fabulous time out… it’s all a scam…

Here are 8 things that s*ck about being single…

1. Questionable Saturday nights

Am I going out? Am I staying in? Will my friends be available? Will I meet anyone? While I always had a plan on a Saturday night (for the most part), on the occasion I DIDN’T feel like getting all dolled up and rocking 4-inch heels, I’d choose to stay in. While this is fun when you’re with someone, when you’re single it s*cks! Period.

2. The paranoia of possibly running into the killer rapist on the way out of the shower.

In the movies, killer rapists somehow always know when women are in the shower. So the shower is now the creepiest place ever. (Thanks Hollywood). Living alone, I’d always envision someone waiting outside of the shower for me with a knife. Of course the killer rapist would just KNOW I’m in the shower and pick that particular moment to walk into my place. And how would I possibly handle the killer rapist? Do I scratch his eyeballs out? Kick him in the b*lls? I’d actually play out this scene in my head over and over again, but somehow, in my vivid imagination… I’d never win!

3. Waiting around for hours for friends that are always late

Nothing gets under my skin more than waiting around.  My hair and makeup don’t feel fresh anymore. I feel like I need another shower and not to mention… I’m completely out of the mood! I just want to crawl into bed but since my friends are depending on me to go out so they TOO can meet someone, I somehow have to suck it up, get it together, and plaster on a smile. Ughh!

4. Getting to a bar to find NO attractive men

Nothing is worse than spending hours getting super-sexified only to find NO potential bachelors. Or having slim pickings. If I spent time and money trying to look good, I want a return on my investment!

5. The creeps that just won’t go away.

Men that just don’t get the hint are the worst. They’re relentless! Listen, I’m just NOT digging you. My body language is clearly giving it away. If you cant read nonverbal cues… you’ve got issues!

6. Waking up Sunday mornings with a killer hangover – no money – and an empty bed


7. Wondering if that guy is ever going to call

Why isn’t he calling? Am I not good enough? Did he really like me or was he just blowing smoke up my a$$? Why do men collect numbers and never use them, anyway? I never really understood this at the time and it would pi$$ me off. But years later, I realized that collecting numbers is just a game to men. It somehow makes them feel more empowered. As if they have control over whether to make YOU feel special or not. The truth is, I’m special and I know it. I don’t need your approval.

8. Casual affairs

Nothing is worse than being with people you don’t really like that much just because. Just because you don’t want to be alone. Just because you need attention or affection. Nothing is worse than pretending. A synonym for casual is MEANINGLESS. Who wants meaningless?

Commitment-free is not glamorous. Being in love is. FIND LOVE. 

What do you think? Leave a comment. 

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