The Legislative Assembly
The State of Uttar Pradesh has a bicameral legislature comprising of Legislative Council, an upper House and Legislative Assembly, the lower House.This is the largest legislature in India. The Uttar Pradesh Assembly consists of 403 elected members and one nominated Anglo-Indian member. The Uttar Pradesh Legislative Council has 100 members.
Prior to 1967, the strength of the Legislative Assembly was 431 members including one nominated Anglo-Indian member which was revised to 426 including one nominated Anglo-Indian member. After reorganization of the State of the Uttar Pradesh and formation of Uttarakhand on 9th November 2000, the strength of the Legislative Assembly has been reduced to 404 including one nominated Anglo-Indian member.
Legislative Activity
April 20
Regarding Election of Speaker, Legislative Assembly   Regarding Election of Speaker...
April 6
Hridaya Narain Dixit elected speaker of Uttar Pradesh assembly  
April 6
Leader of Opposition in the Legislative Assembly of Uttar Pradesh  
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