Shri Rampal Verma

Bharatiya Janta Party

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Father name Late. Anganelal
Date of birth 08/02/1959
Place of birth Shahpur Attia (Hardoi)
Gender Male
Religion Hinduism
Caste Sc (Pasi)
Marital status Married
Date of marriage 12/07/2007
Spouse name Mrs. Sarojini Verma
Children Boys : 4
Special interests
Public service,
Assisting the poor
Promoting education
Removing social evils
Watching TV
Watching Visiting religious places
Special interest in tourism
Phone number 8887150960, 9415564321
Permanent address 1. Village and post-Shahpur attia, district-Hardoi. M. n.-13 Brahm Nagar Sitapur road, Daliganj railway crossing Janapad-Lucknow
Terms served as MLA 5
Positions held
03/1985 To 11/1989 First Time Elected
11/1989 To 04/04/1991 Second Time Elected
10/1996 To 03/07/2002 Fourth Time Elected
05/13/2007 To 03/15/2012 Sushri Mayawati Cabinet
03/2017 To 02/15/2018 Seven Time Elected