Shrimati Anita

Bharatiya Janta Party

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Father name Shri Ram Parit
Date of birth 03/23/1986
Place of birth Khatamipur (Ambedkar Nagar)
Gender Female
Religion Hinduism
Caste S.C. (Chamar)
Marital status Married
Date of marriage 06/08/2006
Spouse name Mr. Awadhesh Kumar
Children Boys : 2
Post Graduate
Special interests
Social Service
Women's uplift and justice
Listen to religious music
Phone number 8887151079, 7379716121
Permanent address 1. Village-Solihwan, Post-Kalyanpur, District-Ambedkar Nagar. 2. 103 B, Multipurpose Minister Housing, District-Lucknow.
Terms served as MLA 1
Positions held
03/2017 To 03/21/2018 First Tme Elected