Shri Satish Mahana 

Hon'ble Speaker of Legislative Assembly


Father's Name Late Ram Avtar Mahana
Date of Birth 14 October, 1960
Place of Birth Kanpur
Relegion Hindu
Academic Qualification Graduate
Date of Marriage 07 December, 1981
Spouse's Name Smt. Anita Mahana
Children One Son and One Daughter
Occupation/Profession Agriculture, Business (Shops etc.) Builders and Developers
Permanent Address 3, Harjender Nagar, Distt. Kanpur
Official Address ---

Special Interest :Social Work, Reading, Tourism, Music

Travel Abroad :Visited about 35 countries including America, France, Britain, Russia, Singapore, Malaysia, Sweden, Norway, New-Zeeland, Canada, Germany, Austria, China, Japan, Switzerland, Australia etc. as a member of CPA study tour.

Other Information :Member, Committee on Estimates Rules Committee, Questions and Reference Committee; President, Atal Yuva Santha (1977-1990) President, Vivekanand Siksha Samiti (2001-2007), Organizer Nagar Dussehara Committee (for 10 years), Zonal President, Bartiya Janata Party (for 12 years); Patron, Yuva Khatri Youth Organization (for 5 years), Imprisoned in October, 1990; December, 1992 in public movements and jailed for 3 days under section 151 in Fatehgarh District Jail.